Island of Elba

The Isle of Elba is a wonderful, natural finished island in the Tuscan archipelago under nature protection.

The legend says that Elba had arisen out of a chain of pearls which had fallen off the neck of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, into the Thyrrenic sea.

One will not encounter tall buildings on the Isle of Elba or even huge hotels but small houses in tiny villages, romantic hotels, and villas with a view to the sea. It is a charming and easy to grasp island offering a lot of marvelous bays and gorgeous sandy and pebbled beaches.

The sea glitters aquamarine to deep blue and the sun shines most of the time. The Isle of Elba is the perfect setting for your dreamlike wedding or your special celebration.

Have you ever dreamt of a wedding on a beach and on an island?

Momenti contenti organizes your dreamlike wedding at the beach, in a chapel or a hotel offering a marvelous view onto the sea. There are no limits of possibilities – whether in an antique church or on a boat. Do not hesitate and contact us for suggestions and the organization of your wedding or your festive event.

We gladly support you in order to experience unforgettable, beautiful moments on the island. thanks to our local partner.

Our local partner will get in touch with you immediately after your first approach.

The ideal months for your big event are April, May, June, September, and October.