North Italy

Marriages and celebrations in Piedmont, Lombardy, Lake Maggiore or Lake d’Orta

Clear, calm waters, rich nature with iridescent colors, enchanting villages with narrow streets that nestle against the mountainside; small harbors with the atmosphere of bygone times and magnificent islands in an almost unreal peace – this is the beauty of the Piedmont lakes, an ideal setting for a super romantic wedding that will remain in your memory as a wonderful dream.

Whether in a gorgeous villa, a fairy-tale castle or in a beautiful hotel with fine Piedmontese cuisine, Momenti Contenti will find the right place for you. From the elegance of Lake Maggiore to the hidden gems of Lake d’Orta, the lakes of Piedmont are the perfect backdrop for a unique day. Do not hesitate to ask us.

We offer you our services in different variations: e.g. small consultation, overall planning, advice and mediation by e-mail. Benefit from our good contacts to professional service providers for all aspects of a unique wedding celebration. We have many nice ideas and suggestions for your big day in store.