Overall planning

Experience shows that you will not pay more for a wedding celebration planned and organized by us than if you would organize the most beautiful day of your life yourself. Thanks to carefully selected partner companies, we can offer you very good deals on interesting conditions, from wedding dresses to catering. We help you to save costs and stay within your budget. 

Through our professional work you will benefit from many attractive opportunities, exciting ideas and a fair price-performance ratio. And all this should be kept in mind when planning:

  • Development of your very personal wedding concept (motto, color, style),
  • Location research (wedding location, church, restaurant for wedding reception)
  • Wedding photographer or video journalist
  • Music and entertainment
  • printed matter
  • Flower arrangements and decoration
  • Menu planning
  • Transport
  • Styling
  • Guest Management
  • Accommodation
  • Creating the budget
  • Cost Control

Let us help you with the overall planning for your wedding reception. You save a lot of time, money and nerves. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the big day with your guests.