The sunniest place in Switzerland is predestinated for dreamlike wedding celebrations.  Not only because of the beautiful landscape and the lovely weather. Not only because of the beautiful landscape and the lovely weather. Hardly one has left the Gotthard tunnel, you are greeted by Switzerland of another kind.

Palm trees, mountains, and charming Alpine Valleys with their traditional  granite houses, blue lakes having pretty boats and ships on their clear water and long boulevards with colorful house facades inviting to stroll. The Ticino seduces with a touch of Italianità, which is combined with reliability and punctuality.

Liguria, Piedmont, Lombardy, Lago Maggiore & Lago d’Orta Clear, almost immovable water, rich nature with dazzling colors, enchanting villages with narrow alleyways which are nestled into the mountainside. Small harbors spraying the atmosphere of ancient times, the whole year long mild climate, small islands in an almost unreal peace: that is the beauty of the lakes in the Piedmont area, an ideal frame for a hugely romantic wedding which will be remembered as a wonderful dream. 

Whether in a fantastic villa, a dreamlike castle or in a nice hotel offering a tasty cuisine of the Piedmont, Momenti Contenti provides the ideal location for you. From the elegance of the Lago Maggiore to the genuine hidden jewel Lago d’Orta, the lakes of the Piedmont are the perfect background for a magical day.

The Isle of Elba is a wonderful, natural finished island in the Tuscan archipelago under nature protection. One will not encounter tall buildings on the Isle of Elba or even huge hotels but small houses in tiny villages, romantic hotels, and villas with a view to the sea. It is a charming and easy to grasp island offering a lot of marvelous bays and gorgeous sandy and pebbled beaches. The sea glitters aquamarine to deep blue and the sun shines most of the time. The Isle of Elba is the perfect setting for your dreamlike wedding or your special celebration. Have you ever dreamt of a wedding on a beach and on an island?